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Ecosystem Management Theme

Why Ecosystems Management Research?

The ecosystems in the northern Gulf are the home to valuable fisheries, important recreational activities, and many commercial operations including fossil fuel extraction and coastal industries. The region needs more monitoring and basic information to support resource management. Fisheries ecosystem based management is a fundamental element in NOAA's Five Year Strategic Plan and a recommendation of the President's Commission on Ocean Policy as part of an overall strategy to protect, preserve, and utilize our marine resources.

Research Goals

  1. Monitoring and assessment of coastal marine ecosystems in the northern Gulf
  2. Ecosystem-based fisheries management
  3. Circulation modeling and observations for ecosystem management
  4. Coastal ecosystem resiliency

How We're Doing It

A balanced mix of wide and narrow-focused research projects makes up the collection of work under the Ecosystems management theme. From the wetland marshes of Louisiana to the white-sand beaches of the Florida panhandle, the northern Gulf of Mexico showcases a range of coastal ecosystems. Each ecosystem presents new challenges for researchers working to understand the dynamic interplay between inland and Gulf habitats.

NGI partners bring their background in use of modern scientific tools, a long history of developing knowledge about the fundamental processes forming coastal and deltaic environments, and extensive experience working with the public, resource managers, and policy makers on issues of significant importance to management at local, regional, and national levels. As NGI capacity, collaborations and research resources build, upland components of the Gulf ecosystem will be included.