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2012 Northern Gulf Institute Annual Conference Posters

Mississippi State University Science and Technology Center
Stennis Space Center, Mississippi
May 23 - 24, 2012
  • The NOAA-NGI Diversity Internship Program: A Successful Multi-state, Multi-agency Workforce Development Program
    Tina Miller-Way - Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory
  • The NGI Teacher Workshop Series: An Outlet for NGI Research
    Tina Miller-Way - Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory
  • Scaling Considerations for Ecosystem-Based Management
    Jennifer Sloan-Zeigler - Mississippi State University
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Coastal Research
    Haibo Yao, Zuzana Hruska, Russel Kincaid - Mississippi State University
  • Dissolved and Colloidal Trace Elements in the Mississippi River Delta Outflow after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
    Alan Shiller, M. Shim, P. Swarzenski - University of Southern Mississippi
  • DeepWater Horizon Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Distribution and Modification from Wellhead to Coastal Marshes
    Alan Shiller, D. Joung, T.L. Wade, J.L. Sericano, S.T. Sweet, K.M. Yeager, C.A. Brunner, P. Louchouarn - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Field Observations of Marsh Edge Retreat and Wind Waves
    Kyle Parker, Jim Chen, Ranjit Jadhav, James Bouanchaud - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Phytoplankton Monitoring Network and Harmful Algal Blooms - Research and Education
    Adrienne Flowers - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Development of a Comprehensive Aquatic Systems Model of Oil Spill Impacts to Oyster Production in the MS Sound Using the Ecosystem Assessment Model Approach
    Scott Milroy - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Water Column Stability and the Development of Hypoxic Water Masses in the MS Sound/Bight
    Scott Milroy - University of Southern Mississippi
  • The Influence of Cyclones on the Fate and Transport of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
    Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, Y. Lau, C.M. Hill, H. Karan, J. Harding - Mississippi State University;
    D.S. Ko - Naval Research Laboratory
  • Wetland Loss Associated with Hurricane Storm Surge near the Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
    Fitzpatrick, P.J., S. Bhate, Y. Lau, S. Shean - Mississippi State University;
    V. Anantharaj - Oak Ridge National Laboratory;
    Q. Chen, K. Hu - Louisiana State University
  • Quantifying the Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on the Health and Productivity of Louisisana and Mississippi Salt Marshes
    Deepak Mishra, Chris Downs - Mississippi State University
  • Impacts of Parrotfish Herbivory in Northern Gulf of Mexico Seagrass Communities due to Climate-driven Range Expansions
    Shanna L. Madsen, Joseph A. Myers, C.J. Baillie, Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., F. Joel Fodrie - Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory
  • Climate-driven Icthyofaunal Shifts in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Estuarine Ecology and Nearshore Fishery Production
    D. Byron, Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., F. Joel Fodrie - Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory
  • Northeast Gulf of Mexico Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer Observatory - K-Tower (N7)
    Jeremy Rolph, Eric Howarth, Justin Lewis, Paul Ruscher, Shawn Smith, Kevin Speer, Eric Chassignet - Florida State University
  • Responses of Benthic Communities and Sedimentary Dynamics to Hydrocarbon Exposure in Bathyal Sediments Surrounding the Macondo Wellhead
    Charlotte Brunner, Kevin Briggs, Patrick Louchouarn, Kevin Yeager, Valerie Cruz - University of Southern Mississippi
  • REACH: a Mississippi Working Lands Stewardship Program
    Robbie Kroger - Mississippi State University
  • Seasonal and Annual Variation in Habitat Linkages in a Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuary: Effects of Climate
    Steele L., Valentine J. F., Mortazavi B., Kauffman T. - Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory;
    Rozas, L. P. - National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Changes in Coastal Fish Communities Following the DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill
    Taylor C. Kauffman, Charles W. Martin, John F. Valentine, LaTina Steele - Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory