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2009 NGI Annual Conference Posters

Mobile, Alabama
May 20 - 21, 2009
  • Nutrient transport in the East Pearl River and St. Louis Bay estuaries, Mississippi.
    MooJoon Shim , Allison Mojzis and Alan Shiller - Department of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Mercury in the Food Web of Mobile Bay.
    Colleen Rochelle, JHT; David Evans - NOAA, Center for Coastal Fisheries and Research Habitat; Ann Boettcher & Charlyn Partridge - University of South Alabama; John Dindo & Ruth Cunningham, Dauphin Island Sea Lab; Lauren Showalter, University of Alabama.
  • Using Stable Isotopes to Evaluate Trophic Level: Incorporating Concentration-Dependence.
    Rachel Marie Wilson, Jeffrey Chanton, Douglas Nowacek, and F. Graham Lewis - Oceanography, Florida State University.
  • Particulate and dissolved absorption properties in coastal waters influenced by the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers.
    Ashley Lojek . Marine Science - University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Measurement of stream bank erosion in a Southeastern Plain Ecoregion Watershed, MS.
    John J. Ramírez-Avila , William H. McAnally, James L. Martin, Eddy Langendoen, Sandra L. Ortega-Achury, Jairo N. Díaz-Ramírez - MSU/Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Mississippi State University.
  • Ordinances and Water Quality in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Comparisons, Correlations, and Case Study.
    Kenny Langley - Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University.
  • Effect of Salinity Changes on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Nitrogen in Coastal Marshes.
    Brett W. Marks - Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University.
  • Pollution and Dilution: How do Processing and Proximity Affect Wastewater Assimilation by Local Biota.
    Allen M. Aven, Peter J. Biancani, Ruth H. Carmichael - Dauphin Island Sea Lab, University of South Alabama.
  • Bacterioplankton Abundances in the Bay of St. Louis, MS, Relative to Environmental Water Quality.
    Allison K. Mojzis, Donald G. Redalje. Laodong Guo, Yihua Cai, Xuri Wang - Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Distributions of dissolved and colloidal carbohydrates in river waters and sea waters from the northern Gulf of Mexico.
    Xuri Wang, Yihua Cai and Laodong Guo - Department of Marine Science, The University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Characterizing the Demise and Recovery of the Macrobenthic Community at a Key Site Located in the Center of the 2008 Coastal Mississippi Hypoxic Area.
    Daneen P. Menke and Chet F. Rakocinski - Coastal Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Composition and size spectra of CDOM in the Mississippi and Pearl rivers: a comparative study.
    Zhengzhen Zhou , Bjorn Stolpe, Laodong Guo - Department of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Coastal Sensor Web Services Discovery via the Mobile Platform.
    Santhosh Kumar Amanchi Rajender - GeoSystems Research Institute, Mississippi State University.
  • Mapping the low-relief reef fisheries habitat off northwest Florida.
    Chris Gardner, Doug DeVries, David Naar, Gary Fitzhugh, and Tim Battista - NOAA Fisheries Service, Panama City Laboratory, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NOAA.
  • Water Quality Monitoring at Mobile Bay: Spatial and Seasonal Variations.
    Sandra Ortega-Achury, James L. Martin, and William H. McAnally - Civil and Environmental, Mississippi State University.
  • Met-ocean forecasting system for Northern Gulf of Mexico: WAVCIS.
    Felix Jose, Gregory W. Stone, Yixin Luo, Seyed M. SiadatMousavi and Yuliang Chen - Coastal Studies Institute, Louisiana State University.
  • A one year observation of bottom boundary layer characteristics along a transect in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.
    Mike Santema, Stephanie White, Kevin Speer, Markus Huettel - Oceanography, Florida State University.
  • Temporal dynamics in oxygen in the benthic boundary layer along a transect in the Northern Gulf.
    Markus Huettel, Mike Santema, Stephanie White, Kevin Speer - Oceanography, Florida State University.
  • Big Bend Inner-Coastal Transport.
    Kevin Speer, M. Huettel, S. White, N. Wienders - Oceanography, Florida State University.
  • Design and Implementation of the Northeast Gulf of Mexico Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer Observatory.
    Paul Ruscher, James Waller, Ken Decoteau, Stephanie White, and Bob Broedel - Meteorology & GFDI, Florida State University.
  • Data Management System to Collect, Quality Control, Distribute, and Archive Near Real-time Marine Data.
    Jeremy Rolph, Jacob Rettig, Mark A. Bourassa, Jiangyi Hu, Mike McDonald, and Shawn R. Smith - Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University.
  • Air-sea CO2 flux in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.
    R. Wanninkhof, D. Pierrot, and K. Sullivan - NOAA.
  • Assessing the Perception and Adoption of Best Management Practices in the NGI Study Region.
    Austin Moore - Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University.
  • The Effects of Climate Change Perceptions on Willingness to Fund Prevention of Wetland Loss in Louisiana.
    Ross Moore, Dan Petrolia, Tae-goun Kim - Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University.
  • Media Coverage of Coastal Weather Events: Impacts on Attendance Levels at Northern Gulf State Parks.
    James S Harris and Kimberly L Morgan - Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University.
  • Modeling Circulation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Interaction of the Mississippi River Plume with Coastal and Offshore Flows.
    Rafael V. Schiller - Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, University of Miami – RSMAS.
  • Modeling Estuarine-Shelf Exchanges in a Deltaic Estuary: Implications for Coastal Carbon Budgets and Hypoxia.
    Anindita Das , Dubravko Justić, and Erick Swenson - Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, School of the Coast and Environment, Louisiana State University.
  • Coastal Watershed Impacts: Modeling Hydrology and Sediments in the Weeks Bay, Alabama.
    Jeremy Sharp, Jairo Diaz-Ramirez, and Vladimir Alarcon - Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mississippi State University.
  • Tidal, wind, and river discharge-driven water transport through Louisiana Bays and the Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion using the FVCOM model.
    Chunyan Li, Changsheng Chen, Joao Rego, Dubravko Justic, Kenneth A. Rose, Huichan Lin, Robert Twilley, DeWitt Braud - Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University.
  • Modeling wave characteristics in the North Eastern Gulf of Mexico.
    Dmitry S. Dukhovskoy, Don Van Dyke, Steven L. Morey, Jeremy Rolph - COAPS, Florida State University.
  • Estimating mussel reproduction using historical fish collections in the upper Mobile Basin watershed.
    Gray Turnage and Christopher Brooks - Biological Sciences, Mississippi State University.
  • Restored Oyster Reefs as Natural Breakwaters for Estuarine Shorelines.
    Steven B. Scyphers - Dept. of Marine Sciences, Fisheries Ecology Lab, U. of South Alabama; Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
  • Impacts of invasive Nile tilapia on coastal food webs.
    Charles W. Martin - Department of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama/Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
  • Interaction Between Off-shore Circulation and Nearshore Processes During Extreme Weather Events.
    Vladimir Kamenkovich - Marine Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi.