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2008 NGI Annual Conference Posters

Mobile, Alabama
May 13 - 14, 2008

Technology Development & Data Assembly

  • Utility of Ionosphere & Troposphere Models for Extending the Range of High accuracy GPS
    David Dodd, USM
  • Forecasting the Ecological Impacts of Hurricanes through the Integration of Retrospective Remotely Sensed Imagery with Hydrographic and Biological Data from the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Eric Davenport, NOAA
  • Building a Comprehensive Data Base on the Early Life Stages of Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz, NOAA
  • An Information Semantic Approach for Resource and Knowledge Discovery in an Integrated Ocean Observing System
    Roger King, MSU
  • The NOAA Ecosystem Data Assembly Center
    Russell Beard, NOAA
  • Quality Evaluation of Marine Meteorological Observations
    Shawn Smith, Jeremy Rolph, Mark Bourassa, FSU
  • Continuously Sensed Nitrate Concentrations in the Benthic Boundary Layer off the Northwestern Florida Shelf
    William M. Landing, Kevin Speer, Markus Huettel, FSU


  • Microbial Source Tracking and its Application to the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Rudolph Ellender, USM
  • Satellite and In situ Optical Assessment of Algal Bloom Events in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Steven Lohrenz, USM
  • Development of Genetic Sensors to Monitor Waters for Threats to Human Health
    Kelly Goodwin, NOAA
  • Public Health and Stressors
    Sibel Bargu Ates, LSU
  • Spatial Technology and High Performance Computing for Improving Prediction of Surface Water Quality
    William H. McAnally, MSU

Delivering the "So What?" Message

  • Assessing the Impact of Ordinances, Outreach and Enforcement on the Resiliency of Gulf Coastal Watersheds
    Jason Walker, MSU
  • Visualization Techniques for Improving Public Understanding of Catastrophic Events
    Robert Moorhead, MSU
  • Developing a Foundation for Analysis of Natural and Human-Induced Disturbances to Coastal Economies
    Dan Petrolia, MSU
  • Northern Gulf Institute Outreach Efforts
    Sharon Hodge, MSU
  • Coordination and Educational Support for USM NGI Activities
    Steven Lohrenz, USM
  • Marine Education and Outreach at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab
    John Dindo, DISL

Water Quality in Central Northern Gulf

  • Macrofaunal Indicators of Hypoxia
    Chet Rakocinski, USM
  • Monitoring and Assessment of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Stephan Howden, USM
  • Modeling Mobile Bay Sediments and Pollutants with New Technologies
    William H. McAnally, MSU
  • Mercury Bioaccumulation in Mobile Bay: A Model for Other Gulf of Mexico Estuaries
    David Evans, DISL
  • Habitat Restoration Research at DISL (Oyster reef contribution to marshes)
    Ken Heck, DISL

Northern GOM Coastal Physical Modeling

  • Estimating Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in the River Dominated Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Rik Wanninkhof, NOAA
  • Enabling & Initiating Observing System Simulation Experiments of a Coastal High Resolution Oceanographic Model in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Peter Ortner, NOAA
  • Improving Hurricane Intensity and Landfall Estimation with Refined Modeling
    Pat Fitzpatrick, MSU
  • Watershed Modeling Improvements to Enhance Coastal Ecosystems
    William H. McAnally, MSU
  • Interaction between Off-shore Circulation and Near-shore Processes During Extreme Weather Events
    Vladimir Kamenkovich, USM
  • Investigating Material Exchange Between the Marsh and Channel Along an Estuarine Gradient
    Jaye Cable, John White, LSU
  • Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling of the Big Bend Region
    Steven Morey, Donald Van Dyke, Eric Chassignet, FSU
  • A High-resolution Model of the Apalachee Bay
    Dmitry Dukhovskoy, Eric Chassignet, Steven Morey, FSU

Biological Systems Modeling and Survey

  • The Role of Meteorologically and Tidally Driven Flows in the Estuarine Recruitment of Fall-Winter Spawned Larval Fish and Post-Larval Brown Shrimp
    Woody Nero, NOAA
  • Temperature & Salinity Effects on the Growth & Survival of Juvenile Penaeid Shrimps: Implications for the Influence of River Diversions on Production
    Lawrence Rozas, NOAA
  • Habitat Linkages, Spatial Demographics and Food Web Components of the Northeastern Gulf Fisheries Ecosystem
    Doug DeVries, NOAA
  • The Ecology of Gag Grouper in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Effects of Local Weather on Early Juvenile Gag Populations
    David Thistle, Chris Koenig, Erin Easton, Stefan Bourgoin, FSU
  • Trophic Linkages and Biomass Production in Estuarine Ecosystems
    Malinda Sutor, LSU
  • Fish Mediated Carbon and Nutrient Flux between Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Seagrass Beds and Offshore Reef Fish Communities
    James Nelson, Jeff Chanton, Felicia Coleman, Chris Koenig, FSU; Chris Gardner, Doug DeVries, NOAA
  • Quantifying Ecosystem Services of Different Coastal Habitat Types
    Richard Fulford, USM
  • Delta Ecosystem Forecasting System
    Dubravko Justic, LSU