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2007 NGI Annual Conference Presentations

Mobile, Alabama
May 16 - 17, 2007
  • Welcome and Conference Logistics
    David R. Shaw, PhD, Director, Northern Gulf Institute
  • Welcome to the Mississippi Coast
    William W. Walker, PhD, Executive Director, MS Department of Marine Resources
  • Research at OAR: Working Together to Shape the Future - Keynote Address
    Alexander E. (Sandy) MacDonald, PhD, Deputy Assistant Director, NOAA Research Laboratories and CIs, and Director, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
  • Collaborative Focus of NGI
    David R. Shaw, PhD - Mississippi State University
  • Dauphin Island Sea Lab
    George Crozier, PhD - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
  • Dauphin Island Sea Lab
    John Dindo, PhD - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
  • Oyster Reef and Estuarine Landscape Restoration
    Ken Heck, PhD - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
  • The FSU Contribution to the Northern Gulf Institute
    Eric Chassignet, PhD - Florida State University
  • Louisianna State University
    Robert R. Twilley, PhD - Louisianna State University
  • USM Led Efforts
    Steven L. Lohrenz, PhD - University of Southern Mississippi
  • Mississippi State University NGI Projects FY 2007
    Michael J. Carron, PhD - Mississippi State University
  • NGI Research Outreach and Transition
    Sharon Hodge, JD, NGI Policy Analyst and Outreach Coordinator
  • The NOAA Ecosystems Data Assembly Center
    Russell H. Beard
  • Forecasting the Ecological Impacts of Hurricanes through the Integration of Retrospective Remotely Sensed Imagery with Hydrographic and Biological Data from the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Erik Davenport, PhD
  • Habitat Linkages, Spatial Demographics and Food Web Components of the Northeastern Gulf Fisheries Ecosystem
    Doug DeVries, PhD
  • Mercury Bioaccumulation in Mobile Bay: A Model for Other Gulf of Mexico Estuaries
    David Evans, PhD
  • Development of Genetic Sensors to Monitor Waters for Threats to Human Health
    Kelly Goodwin, PhD
  • The Role of Meteorologically and Tidally Driven Flows in the Estuarine Recruitment of Fall-Winter Spawned Larval Fish and Post-Larval Brown Shrimp
    Redwood Nero, PhD
  • Building a Comprehensive Data Base on the Early Life Stages of Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz, PhD
  • Enabling and Initiating Observing System Simulation Experiments of a Coastal High Resolution Oceanographic Model in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Peter Ortner, PhD (Presentation by Villy Kourafalou, PhD)
  • Temperature and Salinity Effects on the Growth and Survival of Juvenile Penaeid Shrimps: Implications for the Influence of River Diversions on Production
    Lawrence Rozas, PhD
  • Estimating Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in the River Dominated Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Rik Wanninkhof, PhD
  • Collaboration Opportunities - Compilation of Project Profiles
    Michael Uhart, Glade Woods
  • NGI Proposal Process and Report Requirements
    David Shaw, PhD