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2007 NGI Annual Conference Posters

Mobile, Alabama
May 16 - 17, 2007
  • Dauphin Island Sea Lab Discovery Hall Programs
    John Dindo
  • NGI Project: Oyster Reef and Estuarine Landscape Restoration
    K. L. Heck, Jr.
  • Physical-biological analysis of SEAMAP data
    Allan J. Clarke
  • Rainfall mercury deposition and trace element correlations in the Pensacola Bay watershed
    Sara Cleveland, William Landing, and Jane Caffrey
  • The success of postlarval gag grouper as influenced by climate-induced variability in their prey and habitat
    Erin Easton, David Thistle, Felicia Coleman, and Christopher Koenig
  • Development of a High-Resolution Modeling System for the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
    Steven L. Morey, Dmitry S. Dukhovksoy, and Eric P. Chassignet
  • Flux on the FIN: Fish mediated carbon and nutrient flux between northeastern Gulf of Mexico seagrass beds and offshore reef fish communities.
    James Nelson, Chris Koenig, Felicia Coleman and Jeff Chanton
  • Short-Term Uptake of 15N Traces by Autotrophs and Grazers in a Seagrass Bed
    Michael J. Sullivan, Brian Fry, and Erin Symonds
  • Public Health, Stressors and Water Quality in Coastal Louisiana
    Sibel Bargu, Brian Fry, Aixin Hou, and Gene Turner
  • Investigating Material Exchange Between the Marsh and Channel Along an Estuarine Gradient
    Jaye E. Cable, John R. White, Irving Mendelssohn, and Robert Twilley
  • Delta Ecosystem Forecasting System
    Dubravko Justic, Kenny Rose, Masamichi Inoue, and Chunyan Li
  • An Information Semantic Approach for Resource and Knowledge Discovery in an Integrated Ocean Observing System
    Surya S. Durbha, Roger L. King, Vijay P. Shah, and Nicolas H. Younan
  • Developing a Foundation for Analysis of Natural and Human-Induced Disturbances to Coastal Economies
    Garen Evans, Terrill R. Hanson, Al Myles, Dan Petrolia, Keith Coble, Benedict Posadas, Sharon Hodge, and Steve Sempier
  • A Sensitivity Study of the Storm Surge from Hurricane Katrina
    Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, Nam T. Tran, Yee Lau, Christopher M. Hill, and Wilson A Shaffer
  • Northern Gulf Institute Outreach Program
    Sharon Hodge
  • Watershed Modeling Improvements To Enhance Coastal Ecosystems
    Mary Love Tagert, William H. McAnally
  • Spatial Technology and High Performance Computing For Improving Prediction of Surface Water Quality
    William H. McAnally
  • Modeling Mobile Bay Sediments and Pollutants with New Technologies
    James L. Martin, William H. McAnally
  • Visualization Techniques for Improving Public Understanding of Catastrophic Events
    Jean Mohammadi-Aragh, Derek Irby, Song Zhang, and Robert Moorhead
  • Assessing the Impact of Ordinances, Outreach and Enforcement on the Resilliency of Gulf Coastal Watersheds
    Jason Walker, Tim Schauwecker, Wayne Wilkerson, Taze Fulford, Michael Seymour, Bob Brzuszek, and Kenny Langley
  • Ecosystem Data Assembly Center biloxi-bay.ssc.hpc.msstate.edu
    National Coastal Data Development Center
  • Forecasting Ecological Effects of Hurricanes in Coastal Ocean and Estuaries
    Eric Davenport
  • Habitat-linkages, spatial demographics and food web components of the northeastern Gulf fisheries ecosystem - Year 1 progress
    Doug DeVries, Chris Gardner, Gary Fitzhugh, Mark Monaco, Robert Allman, and Linda Lombardi-Carlson
  • What Do We Know About Mercury in Mobile Bay?
    David Evans
  • Development of Molecular Methods to Monitor Waters for Threats to Human Health
    Kelly Goodwin, Chris Sinigalliano, David Wanless
  • Building a comprehensive database on the early life stages of fishes in the northen Gulf of Mexico
    Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz, William J. Richards, Mark McDuff, and David S. Hanisko
  • The Role of Meterologically and Tidally Driven Flows in the Estuarine Recruitment of Fall-Winter Spawned Larval Fish and Post-Larval Brown Shrimp
    Redwood W. Nero, Richard F. Shaw, Nan D. Walker, and Chunyan Li
  • Enabling and Initiating Observing System Simulation Experiments of a Coastal High Resolution Oceanographic Model in the Northen Gulf of Mexico
    Peter Ortner, Robert Atlas, Gustavo Goni, Willy Kourafalou, and George Halliwell
  • Temperature and Salinity Effects on the Growth and Survival of Juvenile Penaeid Shrimps: Implications for the Influence of River Diversions on Production
    Lawrence P. Rozas, Thomas H. Minello, and Doran M. Mason
  • Utility of NOAA Ionosphere and Troposphere Models for Extending the Range of High-Accuracy GPS
    David Dodd and Sunil Bisnath
  • Microbial Source Tracking and its Applications to the Northen Gulf of Mexico
    R. D. Ellender, Shiao Wang, Jody Harwood, and Joe Lepo
  • Interaction between off-shore circulation and near-shore processes during extreme weather events
    Vladimir Kamenkovich, Dmitri Nechaev, and Jay Wallmark
  • Monitoring and Assessment of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Steven Lohrenz, Charlotte Brunner, Stephan Howden, Don Redalje, and Alan Shiller
  • Satellite and In Situ Optical Assessment of Algal Bloom Events in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
    Steven E. Lohrenz, Vernon Asper, Xiaogang Chen, Greg Carter, Dan Holliday, and Hugh MacIntyre