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NGI-associated Researchers from DISL, FSU and MSU Selected for Continued Support on the Gulf Research Initiative

July 1, 2011

Several researchers currently funded through the Northern Gulf Institute have been selected for additional funding to continue their research related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Drs. Frank Hernandez of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Deepak Mishra of Mississippi State University Department of Geosciences and Geosystems Research Institute, and Markus Huettel of Florida State University Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science were previously funded through the Gulf Research Initiative's initial research support, through the Northern Gulf Institute.

Markus collaborated with Joel Kostka from Georgia Tech, and Frank's projects co-PIs are Sean Powers of University of South Alabama and Marcus Drymon of Dauphin Island Sea Lab. These three researchers are giving it their all to coordinate the efforts required to maintain this timely and important research. In reaction to the good news, Markus commented, "This will help us to continue and expand our research on oil in Gulf sandy beaches." Deepak worked from the hospital while his wife was in labor to submit his proposal, responding to the one-week RFP requirements. Deepak's wife and new daughter Nevee are doing well. The researchers lead three of the seventeen projects selected from a very competitive field of 111 proposals.

For more information, please vist the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.