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GRI Researcher Named MWRRI Director

March 1, 2011

Wayne Wilkerson, associate professor of landscape architecture at Mississippi State and GRI researcher, has been named the new director of the Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute (MWRRI). The institute at Mississippi State focuses on economic and environmental issues affecting water resources.

Wilkerson received both his bachelor's and master's degrees in 1975 and 1978 at Mississippi State and joined the landscape architecture department in 1999. He currently coordinates the department's research and graduate programs.

He has been involved in several multi-disciplinary GRI sponsored projects which have focused on issues impacting the natural and economic resources of Mississippi watersheds. Among those projects, has been the development and copyrighting of a spatial-decision support system to help public agencies assess the hydrologic impacts of large industrial developments.

His current research, supported through a grant by the Northern Gulf Institute, focuses on producing computer models that enable the development industry to design and build more resilient and sustainable communities.

The MWRRI director reports jointly to the university's vice presidents for agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine and for research and economic development.

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