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Christine Cuicchi, Gives Overview of DoD HPC Modernization Program

When: August 24, 2017
Where: CAVS Trotter Seminar room

Christine Cuicchi
Associate Director
HPC Centers in the DoD Modernization Program
You are invited to a seminar presented by Christine Cuicchi, Associate Director for HPC Centers in the DoD HPC Modernization Program (HPCMP). Ms. Cuicchi will give an overview presentation of the DoD HPCMP in the CAVS Trotter Seminar room on August 24th at 2:00pm.

In her role as AD for HPC Centers, Ms. Cuicchi is responsible for an annual operating budget of $95 million and an annual acquisition budget of $50 million, and oversees the operation and financial execution of five geographically disparate supercomputing centers staffed by over 300 contractor and government personnel of all branches of the DoD. Ms. Cuicchi is a native of Starkville and a graduate of Mississippi State University, where she earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering and an MS in Computational Engineering.

Seminar Abstract:
The DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) has brought High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities to the Department of Defense for over 25 years. Today, 20 supercomputers at five HPC centers provide HPC capability to 2,000 DoD users across the United States. This overview will provide background of the HPCMP and the HPC Centers component, details of the 20 HPC systems in production and the process for acquiring such systems, and project governance.  The speaker will provide an in-depth look at the challenges faced and solutions developed to enable successful user interactions and deploy user-oriented services across five HPC centers.